Why Routine Blood Tests Are So Important

Sep 09, 2022
Why Routine Blood Tests Are So Important
What can blood tests tell you about your health? A lot! That’s why blood tests are such a valuable tool for preventive health. Read to understand why you need routine blood tests as part of your health care.

There are lots of things a medical provider can look for with a blood test. Blood testing and lab services give your doctors important information about processes throughout your body. Have you had a blood test lately?

At Carolina Urgent Care of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, our team provides quick and accurate lab services that include using your blood to check up on your health. Here’s what you need to know about routine blood testing.

Why do you need annual blood tests?

Blood tests and other types of lab testing like urinalysis are one of the best ways we have to learn more about how the interior of your body, including your organs, are functioning. Lab testing forms an essential part of preventive health care, letting your medical providers see issues early and improving your treatment outcomes as a result.

The blood test performed at your annual physical also becomes a part of your medical record, a living document that gives all of your health care providers important baseline information about your health and wellness over time.

What can blood tests tell you?

Blood tests can be a part of your routine annual checkup. You might also need a blood test if you have an illness or symptoms that need to be accurately diagnosed. At Carolina Urgent Care, our on-site lab can process your sample quickly and conveniently, getting you results in ample time to guide your treatment plan.

Lab tests using blood samples can check for pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or identify issues with your blood glucose levels that indicate you could be at risk for developing diabetes. Blood testing is also used to check your cholesterol, blood cell count, and metabolic function.

After your blood test results come back, you and your physician benefit from accurate information about your condition that can guide your treatment plan. You may need to make lifestyle changes or begin medication management based on early signs of conditions like diabetes or heart disease discovered during routine blood testing.

What to expect during a blood test

Your provider at Carolina Urgent Care draws a sample of your blood for testing at your visit to our offices. Your physician orders tests performed on your blood sample as needed, based on your current health, symptoms, and need for scheduled screenings.

Our team helps you understand the lab testing services you need and what they mean for your health care needs. If you need to do anything special before your appointment to prepare for your blood draw, we’ll let you know. We also support you when it comes to interpreting your blood test results and identifying next steps for your care and treatment.

For the routine care and testing you need to protect your health into the future, contact the team at Carolina Urgent Care today. You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone now.


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