Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening services offered in Chapel Hill, NC

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, but early detection and treatment can help you beat the disease. Carolina Urgent Care, serving the Chapel Hill, NC area, offers the innovative Galleri® multi-cancer early detection test to help you safeguard your health. Call the office to schedule your appointment or walk in today.

Today, most cancers are diagnosed too late. When cancer is detected in its early stages, there may be more treatment options and potential for better outcomes. Carolina Urgent Care has teamed up with Galleri (galleri.com) to help consult patients about how finding cancer early can help improve survival.  

That’s why we’re excited to offer the Galleri® multi-cancer early detection test* to our patients.

Galleri is the first of its kind multi-cancer early detection test that screens for a signal shared by multiple [dozens of] cancers, many without recommended screening tests. In a clinical study the test was able to detect a signal shared by more than 50 types of cancer with a simple blood draw. We collect blood samples from the patients to start the screening process.

What is the Galleri multi-cancer early detection test?

It is important to know that:

- Galleri is a screening test and does not diagnose cancer. Diagnostic testing is needed to confirm cancer.

- The Galleri test looks for active cancer and does not predict your future genetic risk for cancer.

- The Galleri test does not detect all cancers and not all cancers can be detected in the blood. False positive and false negative results do occur.

Learn more about the Galleri test at galleri.com or watch a short video here.

Take control of your health and call us to make an appointment. Our healthcare providers can determine if the test may be right for you.      

*The Galleri test is recommended for use in adults with an elevated risk for cancer, such as those aged 50 or older. It is intended to be used in addition to, and not replace, other cancer screening tests.


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