Lab Services

Lab Services

Lab Services services offered in Chapel Hill, NC

When you see your physician — whether you’re having a routine checkup or getting medical attention for an illness — you might need lab services for a complete, comprehensive evaluation. The team at Carolina Urgent Care in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, led by Board Certified Physicians, offers onsite lab services, which offers convenience and quick results. To learn more, call the friendly office staff to book an appointment or click on the contact page.

What are lab services?

Lab services use a small sample of your blood, urine, or tissue to learn more about your organs and systems function. The information gleaned through lab testing helps guide and inform your health care. 

Lab testing is an essential part of preventive health. Your practitioner adds the results to your permanent medical record, which becomes an invaluable resource over time. Changes in lab results can reveal unhealthy trends, giving you a chance to make meaningful lifestyle improvements to reduce your risk of disease. 

Carolina Urgent Care performs a range of lab services, including numerous basic tests that help in the diagnostic process. Your provider begins by drawing blood or collecting a urine sample from you for testing. 

Tests are ordered by your physician or other health care professionals to effectively diagnose any out-of-the-ordinary conditions or to screen for other health issues. Of course, you’re always welcome to ask why specific tests are ordered and how the results will shape your care planning.  

Before you receive lab services, your provider explains the reason for the testing and when you can expect results.

What lab tests are offered at Carolina Urgent Care?

Lab tests offered at Carolina Urgent Care include:

  • Pregnancy 
  • Blood glucose 
  • Cholesterol 
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Fecal blood

Testing isn’t limited to this list. Your doctor may order other tests depending on your health evaluation and any concerns you may have.

How do I prepare for lab tests?

If you need lab testing, your practitioner at Carolina Urgent Care lets you know if any special preparation is required. Adhering to those guidelines is vital to receiving accurate test results. You should also be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle habits, such as smoking, sleep hygiene, and diet. 

After your testing, the team discusses your results with you and explains next steps in the diagnostic or treatment process.

If you need an evaluation for a health condition, you may need additional lab tests and screenings. Call Carolina Urgent Care today to book an appointment or use the convenient online scheduling tool.


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